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Round table “Peculiarities of application of enhanced oil recovery in oil fields in the advanced stages of development”

Round table “Peculiarities of application of enhanced oil recovery in oil fields in the advanced stages of development” within the framework of the II International Symposium “Theory and practice of application of enhanced oil recovery” was held in VNIIneft the 16 of September 2009.


  • Federal Agency for Science and Innovations,
  • the Central Commission for the development of “Rosnedra”,
  • Zarubezhneft OJSC,
  • Russia interbranch scientific-technical complex “Nefteotdacha”,
  • OJSC “VNIIneft”
  • NP “Incot”.

General information sponsor: journal “Oil industry”.

Goals and purposes

  • Improve the level of scientific information exchange and training of scientific personnel,
  • Attract talented young people to participate in further research,
  • Inform the target audience of advanced scientific and technological development and innovation projects on enhanced oil recovery in fields in the advanced stage of development,
  • Discuss scientific performance of the problem,
  • Exchange the experience.

200 experts and scientists from 50 oil companies, industry research organizations, Academy of Sciences and universities of the country, attended The Symposium as well as specialists from Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In accordance with the Rules on the first day of the symposium at the plenary session were presented 13 reports, which focused on lessons learned from the application of improved recovery in our country and abroad, analyzing the effectiveness of making stocks and the possibility of increasing the rate of oil recovery, experience in applying new technologies impact on strata in oil companies.

The second day was devoted to the work of the sections in the following areas:

  1. Analysis of the status and potential application of modern techniques to increase oil production at the fields of the country.
    • Physical basis and classification methods to improve oil recovery,
    • Conditions for the effective application of enhanced oil recovery,
    • Modern methods of enhanced oil recovery,
  2. The results of studies on mechanisms of oil recovery in the specific geological and physical conditions of oil fields in order to justify the specific technologies and methods to increase oil production.
    • Results of the physical, chemical and laboratory research to develop new chemicals and the rationale of tracks on their basis for intensification of oil production, reduce watering production wells, the isolation of water production, changing the direction of seepage flow, enhanced oil recovery,
    • New technologies of heat and gas methods,
    • Integrated technology for enhanced oil recovery,
  3. Experience in use of technologies and the intensification of oil and enhanced oil recovery, improve technical and economic development, integrated and targeted technology stimulation and bottomhole zone,
    • Results of pilot projects and pilot testing treatment technologies for EOR wells and fields of the country.

As a result were made more than 60 reports, which provoked a lively discussion of the issues involved.