Conference “Environmental management”

On 17–18 of December 2007 at support of Federal Agency for Science and Innovation International Information training and Consulting Center of Energy Efficiency (NP “INCOT”) organized “Environmental management” conference within the limits of federal target program (FTP) “Researches in priority directions of scientific and technological complex development of Russian Federation for 2007–2012”.


Conference goals

  • Demonstrate federal target program results
  • Find out ways to increase federal target program efficiency
  • Reveal FTP prospects
  • Work development in priority direction “Environmental management”


  • Representatives of scientific and coordination FTP council
  • Workgroup on priority direction “Environmental management”
  • Federal Agency for science and innovation (FASI)
  • FTP directors
  • State contract executors
  • High school organization, Russian Science Academy, others scientific organization, researchers in this science and technological sphere

Total number of participants: 185 persons.

Heads of workgroup on priority direction presented the following projects

  • processing and recycling technologies of technogenic formations and waste;
  • Technologies of ecologically safe working out of deposits and mining operations;
  • Monitoring, atmosphere and hydrosphere forecasting technologies;
  • Technologies of decreasing risk and consequences reduction of natural and technogenic accidents.
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