Scientific and practical conference “Complex resources and waste usage”

On the 10th of November 2008 in Moscow was held scientific and practical conference “Complex usage of resources and waste”.



  • The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation,
  • Federal agency for science and innovations,
  • International Information training and Consulting Center of Energy Efficiency

Conference purposes:

  • Definition of the most effective and rational ways of complex usage and resources and waste accumulation;
  • Informing high technologies and intellectual services markets about conditions and prospects complex resources and waste usage on ecological space of the Russian Federation, the CIS and other countries of the world;
  • Activization of Russian companies participation in researches in this field, informational exchange in cooperation directions;
  • Demonstration of results and achievements of the researches created within the limits of FTP “Researches and workings out in priority directions of development of scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2007–2012”;
  • Demonstration of achievements in the field of observing problems of waste processing in mass-media.

The Conference subjects have been devoted to the waste and secondary resources usage and covered a wide range of questions of ecological safety maintenance of industrial production (the reference with a waste, clearing of the emissions, polluting substances in atmospheric air and sewage, rehabilitation of the polluted territories) and involving secondary material resources in manufacturing.

Conference themes:

  • Result analysis in the field of complex waste and secondary resources usage in “Energy and energy efficiency” and “Rational wildlife management” sections within the limits of the Federal scientific and technical target program of 2005-2006;
  • Emerging technologies and workings out in the field of complex usage of waste and secondary resources within the limits of Federal target program realization “Researches and workings out in priority directions of Russian scientifically-technological complex development for 2007–2012”;
  • Estimation of technological, economic, administrative possibilities and basic barriers for complex of waste and secondary resources usage;
  • Harmonisation of the Russian standard-legal base with the international right norms in the field of waste and secondary resources usage.
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