II International Exhibition and Congress on 21st Century Emerging Technologies

From 30 September to 3 October 2008 the II International Exhibition and Congress on 21st Century Emerging Technologies were held in Moscow( All-Russian Exhibition Centre, Electrification pavilion # 55).



  • Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
  • Federal Agency for Science and Innovation
  • NP “INCOT”
  • REC “Expodesign”

Goals and objectives

  1. To identify the most cost-effective 21st century Emerging technologies and equipment for the real economy with their further adoption and diffusion among Russian and foreign companies;
  2. To improve competitiveness of domestic products in home and overseas markets, and to build a favorable investment climate for domestic and foreign investors based on the results and in the framework of the Russian Federal Targeted Program for Research & Development in Priority Fields for the Development of Russia’s Scientific and Technological Complex for 2007–2012.
  3. To demonstrate latest Scientific and technological developments and achievements of R&D organisations and industry in developing emerging technologies for the real economy.

Exhibition topics

  1. Living systems
  2. Nanosystem industry and materials
  3. Information and telecommunication systems
  4. Environmental management
  5. Energy and energy efficiency

On the 30th of September, the exhibition was visited by S. N. Mazurenko (the Head of the federal agency for science and innovation) and  A. V. Klimenko (the Assistant Head of the federal agency for science and innovation), V. U. Sinjuguin (The Assistant Minister of the ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation).

More than 94 organizations from more than 20 cities took part in the exhibition. There were more than  2000 visitors.

Business meetings, negotiations, conferences, seminars, round tables, and presentations of Russian technology developers on issues of innovation and technology priority fields have been  held during the exhibition.

The exhibition has also hosted a pan-Russian contest for the best Scientific and Technological project in the field of advanced technology development for the real economy. Winners of the contest received memorable awards.

The exhibition aimed to promote the development of the Russian high-tech and knowledge-intensive product market and demonstrate emerging technologies for the real economy.

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